About Us

Purpose and Objectives of the Celebration

In the month of May, Taiwanese American Heritage Week is held to recognize the Taiwanese Americans and their contributions and achievements to the U.S. society, economy, culture and other fields as well as introduce as well as share the Taiwanese American Culture-Heritage through organized festivities and celebrations in Taiwanese American communities. Through goodwill, understanding, and cultural-heritage exchanges people of all culture and heritage can get to know Taiwan and Taiwanese people through mutual understanding.

The Taiwanese American Heritage Week Los Angeles is spearheaded by the Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles and 50+ Taiwanese American affiliated associations.

Background of the Celebration

In 1992, U.S. President George Bush, Sr. officially signed Act HR5572 put forward by Representatives Frank Horton and Norman Mineta of the Congress. The decree was to establish” Asian Pacific American Heritage Month” in the month of May. The period is to celebrate and praise the contributions made by Asian Pacific Americans to the United States. This historical act was immediately passed by both the House of Representatives and Senate through majority votes.

In 1999, to praise the contributions made by Taiwanese Americans to the U.S., the U.S. Congress specifically designated a week in Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May as Taiwanese American Heritage Week. Both in May 1999 and in May 2000, the U.S. President Clinton sent letter to congratulate on Taiwanese American Heritage Week. Since 2000, Taiwan President Chen Shui-Bian has been sending congratulatory letters to Taiwanese Americans.