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Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone:
Miss Taiwanese American Pageant Organization

When speaking with many current and alumni Miss Taiwanese American Courts, Ambassadors, and organizers, a reoccurring theme emerges. The Miss Taiwanese American pageant life is not just a beauty pageant, but a life-changing experience for a young lady to unlock her potential, fine tune her self-expression, get connected with the one’s identity and make a difference for the Taiwanese American community and for Taiwan. Here is a testament which manifests CEO of the Miss Taiwanese American (MTA) Pageant, Catherine Lin’s hope for all potential MTA Pageant contestants.

“I grew so much from my personal pageant experiences. I used to be shy and afraid to express myself, but the pageant experience helped me conquer that. When I joined the pageant, I was exposed to many opportunities that I would never have experienced, and I was introduced to many wonderful people whom I would never had a chance to interact with if I had just a routine work life. I’ve also experienced that I benefit more when I reach out to my community and give back. While training as a pageant contestant, I was able to develop my ability for public speaking, which boosted my confidence, and developed a drive to help my community. The contestants in the training can discover different parts of themselves, which is always fun” says Catherine Lin.

A goal of Miss Taiwanese American Pageant is to be goodwill ambassadors to our surrounding communities and its people. One of Catherine’s favorite events was making a visit to the Veterans Administration Hospital on Valentine’s Day.

“Did you know that Valentine’s Day is also the National Salute to Veteran Patients Day? On the visit, I met a gorgeous young female solider my age that lost both of her legs in Iraq. She was in a jeep that was hit by a roadside bomb. In talking to her, her optimistic spirit towards life, despite her condition, deeply touched my heart. She gave me a different perspective on what we can do with our lives. After that visit, I realized that a motivating drive in my life is community service. I learned that having a warm heart to help others will make a girl beautiful inside as well as outside.”

Catherine affirms that the Miss Taiwanese American Pageant is distinct and more worthwhile than many other pageants due to its substance. In many pageants, the training program generally focuses heavily on catwalk and dance, and it kind of stop there. However, the Miss Taiwanese American Pageant training program, on top of catwalk and dance, also teaches social graces, stage speech, make-up. Also embedded in the training program are discussions on Taiwan’s history, culture, value, tourism, and current issues faced by Taiwanese Americans in US today. There are also team projects such as the Miss Taiwanese American mentorship program in which the Miss Taiwanese American ladies mentor high school and college students in areas such as academics, leadership, and career choice.

“Just remember, when you attend events as a Miss Taiwanese American, you are adding visibility to Taiwanese and Taiwanese America. This obligation is a privilege and responsibility. Even though one might compare this pageant to “other” pageants, saying that we are a young pageant, this pageant is the most community-oriented and most fulfilling if you put your heart into it. You will come out of it with a refreshed heart and new friendships”.

Milestones: Over half of the events the Court and Ambassadors attend are mainstream events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade, APEX (Asian Pacific Exchange) fashion show, the LA Times Travel Show, Rowland Heights Buckboard Days Parade, Yorba Linda Fiesta Day Parade, Asian Pacific Family Center Winter Festival, San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Fund Raising Art walk, and Cathy Bank Golf Tournament. In addition, the Miss Taiwanese American Mentorship Program is something new that was proudly initiated by the 2012 Court and Ambassadors.

For more information please visit the:
Miss Taiwanese American Website
Or contact the MTA Pageant CEO: or 909-689-7049
Or Taiwan Center Foundation of Greater Los Angeles at 626-307-4881

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