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'Crazy, Goofy, Fun with the San Tai-zi":
Techno Three Prince Dance Troupe of the Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles

Alice Short of LA Times in In early 2012 wrote Periodically, three costumed and masked dancers cavorted on stage to the accompaniment of lively techno-fast beat music, which inspired large crowds to gather around the noisy celebration. Were they performing native folk dances? We're not sure. The Taiwanese government web site says that "Taiwan's myriad dance forms are intricately linked with the country's ethnic composition and historical background, and each of the local dances draws their unique colors from the island's rich culture heritage." If that rich culture heritage includes having a lot of goofy fun, then these performers were the real deal.*

The Techno (Music) Three Prince (電音三太子) dance performances are a popular modern take of a Taiwanese Cultural Icon collaborating elements from the new (upbeat progressive upbeat music) and old traditions such as Taoist lore and traditional festive temple costumes. The upbeat quick step dance performance routines are performed by dancers adorned in colorful and festive traditional folk suits coupled with the signature headdresses depicting warm and friendly childlike faces. The Techno Three Prince Dance Performances can be found throughout Taiwan in venues such as cultural festivals, sports events, parades, and mainstream media. Today the amazing feats involve but not limited to synchronized scooter riding, marathon running, and horseback riding while in the festive 45lb main costume. Today the Techno Three Princes symbolizes Taiwan’s ever-evolving dynamic culture while cherishing timeless traditions.

There are many Techno Three Prince dance groups in Taiwan and around the world. The Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles in line with promoting Taiwanese heritage and traditions has recruited a volunteer dance troupe of local professionals and students. The Techno Three Prince Dance Troupe of the Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles has been actively performing in many large venues such as the Los Angeles Dodger’s Taiwan Night (2010 and 2011), Los Angeles Times’ Travel Shows, Happy Kids Day Festival in Cupertino, Taiwanese-American Heritage Festivals, Taiwan Tourism Promotional Events, National Taiwan University Alumni Association, Professor Tsai Ing-wen’s Speech at the Pasadena Civic Center and most recently on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Kodak Theatre now the Dolby Theatre).

Come say hi to Prince Nezha (peach flesh tone), Prince Jinzha (gold), and Prince Muzha (wood)! To keep up with the traditions the Techno Three Princes Dance Troupe of the Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles is always recruiting and training suited as well as support performer! For more information or performance inquiries please contact the Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles at (626) 307-4881.


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