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TAHWLA Sponsor Spotlight:
Special Thanks to the Hakka Foundation

One of this year’s 15th Annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week sponsors is the Hakka Foundation. The foundation was established to promote the Hakka Spirit. The objectives of the Hakka Foundation are to maintain Hakka Heritage, to promote the practice of self-improvement, self-sufficiency and independence, to serve the community with brotherly love, and to unite with nature in harmony. In peace all sentient beings will co-exist together better.

Quick Fact: the Hakka ethnicity compromises 20% of Taiwan’s population of 23+ million people. Well known Hakka: Team Thomas Hsu & Josephine Pan, Hebe Tien & Ella Chen of S.H.E., directors Hou Hsiao-hsien & Edward Yang, former president and one of the fathers of Taiwanese Democracy Lee Teng-Hui, former president Chen Shui-bian, Prof Tsai Ing-Wen, Wu Po-hsiung

Mission 使命

  1. To promote the learning of English, Chinese, and Hakka.
        提昇 英文 中文 與 客語的學習
  2. To facilitate understanding and harmony in the community.
        促進 社區 瞭解 與 和諧
  3. To perpetuate and foster an appreciation of Hakka arts and culture.
    繼承 與 發揚 對 客家文化藝術 的欣賞與愛好
  4. To promote American heritage and citizenship.
    提昇 美國文化傳統 與 公民權
  5. To promote family values.
    提昇 家庭價值
  6. To promote the importance of mothers.
    提昇 母親的重要性
  7. To provide facilities and services to senior citizens.
    向年長者 提供 公共設施 與 服務
  8. To provide facilities and services to senior citizens.
    向年長者 提供 公共設施 與 服務
  9. To reduce or eliminate prejudice and discrimination.
    減少 或 消除 族群中 各種 偏見 與 歧視
  10. To defend human and civil rights and promote social justice.
    捍衛 法律所賦予的 各種人權與公民權
  11. To contribute or otherwise assist fellow corporations, organizations, and institutes with similar goals and ideals.
    支援 其他社團組織或機構 舉辦 符合上述使命 相關的各種活動
  12. To purchase properties or accept donations to help us carry out our aforementioned goals.
    收購 或 接受捐贈 設施與資產 推動上述使命
  13. To engage in any other lawful activities permitted under State and Federal Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Laws and Regulations.
    參與 其他 加州與聯邦 非營利公益法 所允許的合法活動


To Contact the Hakka Foundation:
Hakka Foundation 客家基金會
P. O. Box 662124, Arcadia, CA 91066
Tel: (626) 447-0208

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