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Taiwanese Opera:
The Legend of the White Snake as Performed by Wu Yuan Workshop

Wu-Yuan Workshop is a Taiwanese opera troupe known for its creativity, energy, and dedication to continuing on the heritage of Taiwanese opera with a touch of modern fusion. The group is managed by Chien Yu-ling (簡育琳) and director Lin Wen-shou(林紋守). Wu Yuan was established in Lan Yang Plains the birthplace of Taiwanese opera, the Lan Young Plains.
On March 14 and 15, 2009, the troupe debuted a creative rendition of the classic the Story of the Soong Dynasty Constable (宋宮秘史) made record box office in the history of Yilan Theatre. September 2010, partnering with Yilan Theatre, the troupe introduced a new age masterpiece, I Love the Lion of He Dong (我愛河東獅). The performance won many praises and accolades. In March of 2012 the troupe introduced the mystical tale of Sister Disciples of the Art of Wu (玄武雙驕), which combined multimedia and special effects to an unseeingly simple looking Taiwanese opera stage. Using stagecraft and visual illusion the performance wowed the audience into frenzy.
Wu-Yuan Workshop through determination and like the Taiwanese are steadfast and resilient. The troupe still focuses on timeless classics and re-innovates Taiwanese opera.
This year, for the first time Wu-Yuan Workshop is coming to the US to perform two well-known productions “Legend of the White Snake” and “Clever In-Laws”.

Brief timeline:

2008, February
invited to perform at the Singapore Asian Heritage Festival for 3 showings.
2008, March
invited by the Musée du quai Branly to perform in Paris, in partnership with體相舞蹈團, in a 3-day series and was well acclaimed.
2009, May
performed in Czech Republic as part of a 10-day international cultural exchange.
2011, March
performed in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, USA as a promotion tour for Taiwanese opera heritage in a total of 4 showings.
2011, September
in partnership with 漳州市薌劇團 and 晉江市高甲, put on 3 charity performances for the 閩南 Performance Foundation that won world acclaim.


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